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Television, Film, Hollywood, Bollywood, Radio...


PiperMckay.com supplies Bagpiper hire to the mainstream media channels Worldwide.

Transform your production to your Million or Billion wide audience!

This is a professional service, with Piper Mckay....

Our customers include CNN, BBC, itv, SKY, CBS, CH4 and Film houses as well as other media streams.

Piper Mckay brings real authentic magic to the big screen... make no mistake, perception is reality!

Piper Mckay performs traditional authentic Scottish and Irish Bagpiping music available for educational, features, movies - fact / fiction and general media stories.

Working closely with the media research and production teams ensures that we deliver a smooth professional operation aimed at making your production a success.

Time management and privacy is treated professionaly to ensure a world class delivery for your exclusive project.

This is an authentic, fun, thrilling and mesmerising musical experience.

Available for all performances and educational Bagpiping shows.

Piper Mckay is the Bagpiper on BBC's Zingzillas musical kids education show. This was aimed at introducing Children to the musical inststruments of the World.

Live on itv

Piper Mckay piping on the Haggis with Dr Hillary on itv's Lorraine show

Piper Mckay piping Dr. Hillary live on set with the Haggis

From Hollywood to Bollywood. Piper Mckay is hired by Film productions to bring the ultimate mood to any picture.

Real Film / Set Location

Piper Mckay on set

On set.

Piper Mckay performs traditional authentic bagpiping music available for Educational, Features, Movies, News, Life, Fact / Fiction and General Media stories.

CNN filming Piper Mckay

CNN PIper Mckay

The Real Mckay

Live and un cut. 

Live TV

Piper Mckay playing the Lorraine show on live

Piper Mckay playing in the itv Lorraine show live

Live TV

Piper Mckay playing the BBC ONE show out live

Piper Mckay playing out the BBC One show live


BBC recording Zingzillas

TV Series / DVD / Streaming,

Piper Mckay is the official bagpiper on BBC's Zingzillas musical kids education show. This 5 star BBC Worldwide production brings to life the Worlds musical instruments. Showing young children the joy music brings!

ZingZillas with Piper Martin Mckay

ZingZillas features musical guests, from Sir James Galway on the Flute, Julian Lloyd Webber on the Cello to Piper Martin Mckay on the Bagpipes.... plus many more musical performers representing all other instruments of the world.

This is a great show for youngsters to develop an ear and sense of music at a very young age.

Extra information:-

Learn more - Get the DVD for your Kids!

'Welcome to the Island' - featuring Piper Mckay.

Zingzillas welcome to the island dvd with Piper Mckay

BBC One Show
Piper Mckay on the Alan Titchmarsh Show
Piper Mckay with Lorraine Kelly
ZingZillas image Jayne Pauley, Piper Mckay CBS Filming Royal Wedding PiperMckay CNN image Sunny Deol and Piper Mckay Bagpiper Hire for Birthdays One Show BBC ZingZillas Piper Mckay







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Featured on CNN, BBC, CBS, ITV, SKY and Film

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The Real Mckay!

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